Ashburton Photographic Society COVID Policy

Ashburton Photographic Society Covid Policy
9th May 2022

Our Rationale and Purpose
We are a group of volunteers belonging to APS (Ashburton Photographic Society) and have formulated this policy
to provide as greater protection as we can.

The APS committee will assess all society activities on a case-by-case basis at committee meetings and make a
decision as to it going ahead or not. This decision will be made depending on the amount of COVID cases and
transmission in the community where the activity is being conducted and on Government requirements at the

• When required all members of the APS and visitors need to present a current vaccination pass at entry to a
premise. This requirement includes judges and guest speakers.
• A manual log in sheet will be available for attendees to record their attendance.
• Where a Vaccine Pass is required, a committee member, or other delegated member, will scan or sight each
attendee’s Vaccine Pass (electronic or paper) as they enter venues and as they join trips. The Society will not
share an attendee’s vaccination status.

Masks and protection
• Our governing body, the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) has strongly recommended that masks
be worn at all club activities.
• Sanitizer will be readily available.
• Surfaces will be sanitized at the closure of meetings.
• The defined space shall be fully ventilated during meetings and activities.

• APS shall comply with requirements of the Senior Centre when serving food and drink.
Field Trips
• Vaccination passes are required for people attending a field trip as requirements demand.
• Masks are optional where members are in fresh air and distanced from each other.
• In public places standard Government regulations shall apply.

Cases of COVID 19
In the event of an APS member being identified as having COVID or being exposed to a person having COVID
within 2 days of attending a club activity, they are to immediately advise a committee member of their status. The
committee shall, on advice, assist in identifying and notifying relevant members of their possible exposure. APS
will co-operate fully with the Ministry of Health and DHB and follow their guidance.

Policy Review
• This policy will be reviewed at each committee meeting to ensure it remains current.
• The policy will be published on the website, Facebook page and made available to all members.
• The policy will be sent to guest speakers and judges as appropriate